Sunday, 4 December 2011

Restaurant Review: Il Baretto

In a perfect world, this restaurant would be on regular rotation in our house. In reality, it has been blacklisted.
We went to this restaurant a handful of times before my coeliac diagnosis, and liked the pasta - good for Sydney, normal standard for Italy. The staff could be rude, but this is Surry Hills after all.
However, after my coeliac diagnosis it has now become impossible to go to this restaurant. Yes, there are gluten free options - carpaccio and rocket&parmesan salad - gf pasta not a chance. But what has made our mind up for us is the consistent rudeness of the staff. Because of this rudeness and complete disregard for anyone not ordering their food and staying quiet, I don't trust them if they say something is "gluten free" because if they barely deign to answer the question, how can I be sure that they are just saying yes to shut me up?
Superman was a fan of the duck rag├╣ pappardelle; but truly, we can get the same dish just as good if not better at Cafe Sopra a couple of blocks away, without the bad attitude and only $2 per dish more.
I still have friends that love this place, but I would guess that they are treated better because they pop in, order, then get out.
In this world, when "special" people like me are becoming more numerous, and not just making life difficult for the sake of it, the management here would do well to take a hard look at themselves and their menu.

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