Saturday, 31 December 2011

Restaurant Review: Muum Maam

Finally, a thai restaurant with a gluten free menu (that I trust)!
Mr R. and I found this recently after an extensive search of the gluten free friendly asian eateries on offer in the Surry Hills area. As any coeliac (or close friend of) will know, finding an asian restaurant that you can rely on to use clean pans, not use any soy sauce or wheaten corn flour in their "gluten free" offerings are few and far in between. On this note, if  anyone knows of another Chinese restaurant in Sydney apart from Fu Manchu that has a gluten free menu plese let me know!

I have been to Muum Maam 5 times now, and each time I have found the majority of specials to be gluten free (and tasty) and plenty of options on the gf menu (see )
Superman and Mr R. have also found great non-GF options there too.

I highly recommend the poached chicken salad, however Superman finds it "too herby" for his tastes (some of his other comments about food like this include - "what is this f*ing coriander doing in this dish?" "why can't you just cook food normally without f*ing it up with all this herb sh*"
Did I mention that Superman is king of the bullsh* ordering? His order at McDonald's is "double cheeseburger, meat and cheese only (none of that sauce sh*, it ruins it)", Domino's "Hawaiian, no pineapple aka. ham and cheese, hold the spit".

Anyway, back to Muum Maam. Other good choices on the menu include the satay chicken sticks (if coeliac, ask for it to be cooked on a pan, they normally cook on a grill that is also used for soy marinades). I also enjoyed the various curries and the pad thai.

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  1. I've been here several times -

    Not the GF menu though.... but the crying tiger waygu is pretty good!


  2. I think I just ordered incorrectly. There are some good things on the menu that I might try out (although are NOT gluten free) :P